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Universal Testimonial - Dr. Nicholas Conte
Universal Testimonial - Dr. Jason Goodchild
Universal Testimonial - Dr. James

Recent Written Submissions

I was hesitant to switch from RelyX Unicem, but when I saw the ease of cleanup, the predictability of the gel phase. It's now my "go-to" resin cement.

– L. Krevitz, DDS, Hatboro, PA

I am liking the new Calibra Universal cement. That extended gel phase is pretty cool. Nice to ease the worry about rock hard tack cure clean up.

– G. Gillespie, DDS, Vancouver, WA

I just began using Calibra Universal cement, and I'm very impressed thus far.

– J. Dove, D.D.S., Memphis,TN

Great cement! Makes cleanup a snap. No more reaching for contact finishing strips to remove excess cement

– V. Goel, DMD, Cazenovia, NY

Calibra Universal cement is a fine resin cement, with easy clean up and an excellent delivery system.

– R. Janowski, DDS, Evansville, IN

Great stuff. Great price. Great results.

– F. Robert Wilkin, DDS, Chicago, IL

I recently switched to Calibra Universal cement from Rely X universal. The cleanup is much easier and there is no compromise in bond strength. Overall a much better product.

– B. Sipes, DMD. York, PA

Calibra Universal cement has been a great addition for my practice. It's technique is simple and cleanup is a snitch!

– Brant Rouse, DDS, Tahlequah, OK

I am very fortunate to have found Calibra Universal cement so early in my dental career. I've used several other resin cements, and the ease with which they clean up varies extremely widely. Calibra Universal cement has the perfect gel-phase or "tack-cure" time to permit beautiful, complete cleanup every time. It's a refreshing change of pace for both my patients and me to quickly and cleanly ensure that crown margins are clean as a whistle without having to get "drastic" with cement removal efforts! Great product.

– B. Drechsler, DMD Greer, SC

Calibra Universal Self-Adhesive Resin Cement is the ultimate cement. It is easy to use, fast, and simple to clean up. I can simply take the crown or veneer from my assistant who has preloaded it with the Calibra cement, and put it to place. My assistant tacks it in place with five seconds on each side. I then pick off three or four big chunks of overflow and head to the next room. The assistant does the final set and dismisses the patient. Our patients love it. It is fast, and they don't have to experience all the interproximal "picking" that they did with our old cement. Easy for the doctor, easier for the assistant/hygienist, easiest for the patient. It's a no brainer!

– G. Cochran, DDS, Napoleon, Ohio

Calibra Universal cement has been a great addition to my practice. It has all of the desirable properties of my former self-adhesive resin cement such as excellent bond strength, minimal sensitivity, and dual-curing. Calibra Universal cement does not have the undesirable characteristics of my former cement such as the anxiety caused by a fast and firm spot curing phase that would often make it difficult to remove all excess cement. Calibra Universal cement allows for a generous spot curing and has an extended gel phase that makes clean up quick, easy, and predictable every time.

– W. McBride, DDS, Dubuque, IA