Less Stressful Excess Crown Cement Cleanup

With a wide tack cure window of up to 10 seconds, you can cure with confidence. And an extended 45-second gel phase* gives you the time you need for a thorough and effective removal of excess cement. Say goodbye to stressful, rushed cleanup.

Robust Bonding Performance

Calibra Universal cement doesn’t make you sacrifice a bit of strength for easier cleanup. You can count on the reliability and predictability of proven flexural, compressive, and bond strength for long-lasting results. Take a look at our permanent dental cement strength charts to see how Calibra Universal cement stacks up against the competition.

One Crown Cement for Nearly Any Restoration

It’s called Calibra Universal cement for a reason. Dentsply Sirona has formulated its new self-adhesive resin for use on a wide range of indications, from metal crowns and PFMs, to all-zirconia and all-ceramic. Because it’s self-adhesive, there’s no need to prepare enamel or dentin with an etchant or bonding agent. And with a choice of five shades featuring Shade Stable™ technology, you can be sure of beautiful results that last.

*10-second tack cure window equals five-second wave cure per surface. For excess cement cleanup, monowave output LED lights with a single peak output around 470nm are recommended. High power, dual or broad spectrum lights may cause premature hardening of excess cement. Check curing light effect on mixed cement in the laboratory prior to clinical use.

** An independent, non-profit, dental education and product testing foundation, Clinicians Report®, October, 2015. For the full report, go to www.calibracement.com or click this link.